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w/ Shandy O and Katie Carroll

This is a special invite into our online Health & Wellness Community! We are an exclusive Facebook group only open to those signed up for this program. We have chosen to keep this group completely private so you have a safe space with others on the same journey. We want you to feel free and encourage you to post achievements, ask questions, talk about struggles, build a community of love and good vibes so no matter what is going on in the world, you will have this space.


What you will receive from this program:

  • Live Fitness classes hosted by Katie and Shandy each week to include Kickboxing, Cardio, Plyos, Strength Training, Tabata, Yoga, Booty Bands, and more
  • A variety of written workouts each month
  •  Nutrition & Macro guidance incorporating intuitive eating, high vibrational and immune   boosting foods
  • Group & Personal Coaching to incorporate health and wellness into your lifestyle 
  • Personal Coaching via email communication and check ins 
  • Private Group & Support Community via Facebook 
  • Virtual Wellness Parties to include Whine and Wine, Live cooking classes, and more
  • Variety of prizes and gifts with challenges

$111/mo to join!

Because of all the work you have done with me, my golf game has improved substantially this year. The emphasis on stretching and correct form has resulted in increased body awareness and control, leading to better shots. Now each time I hit a good shot, I say "thanks Katie"!"

As a "senior citizen", I really appreciate your focus on doing the exercises correctly, stretching and the yoga poses. You are helping me maintain quality of life by working with me to enhance muscle mass and flexibility. I enjoy each session with you and always learn something new. Its a great program and I would recommend it to anyone!